Master Program Molecular und Cellular Biology

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Entrance exam

If you fulfil all requirements (step 1) and you have successfully submitted your online application with documents (step 2), we will invite you to an exam (step 3). We strive to contact you by mid-April.

The entrance exam for all applicants residing in Germany, Austria or Switzerland will be held at the LMU Biocenter. It will likely take place in May, 2021.

For applicants residing outside of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, we aim to organize an alternative way for you to take the exam, for example by giving you the opportunity to take the exam at a “Goethe-Institut” or other testing center in your or a neighboring country. This exam will likely take place in May, 2021. Please note that the exam in Munich is free of charge, but other testing institutes might charge a fee for proctoring the exam.

As far as the content of the exam is concerned: The 90 minutes examination will be given in English. It will consist of multiple-choice questions in the area of “cell biology”, “genetics”, “human biology and genomics”, and “microbiology”. The exam questions will be at a bachelor’s level, so any relevant textbook at a bachelor’s level can help you in preparing for the exam.

After you have taken the entrance exam, a combined score is assigned according to your exam grade (70%) and your grade point average from your bachelor’s degree (30%). If your combined score is less than or equal to 2.3, according to the German grading system with 1 being the best and 4 being the minimum pass grade, you will be invited to an interview (step 4). In respect to your grade point average: If the grading system of your home country differs from the German system, we will convert your grade point average.