Master Program Molecular und Cellular Biology

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If your combined score, consisting of your exam grade (70%) and grade point average of your bachelor’s degree (30%), is equal to or less than 2.3 (according to the German grading system), we will invite you to an interview.

At least three weeks before the interview, you will receive an invitation and will be notified of the time and date. The interview, which takes approximately 30 minutes, can take place either in person at the LMU Biocenter or via an online video call. Applicants will be interviewed by representatives of the Faculty of Biology, of which at least one is a professor.

As far as the content of the interview is concerned: The focus will be on your motivation for applying to the Master of Science program in Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Faculty of Biology of the LMU Munich, as explained in your motivational essay. Moreover, your academic background, the way you can discuss biology related questions and how you would solve academic problems will be evaluated.